Welcome to City Unity College Library.

The Library's website is our gateway to our resources and services. The library website aims to provide a brief introduction to the facilities and services provided by the library, library operating hours and other basic information pertaining to the library. The primary objective of library is to implement, enrich, and support the educational programs of City Unity College for Greece and Cyprus. The Library is the backbone of the research and development activities of City Unity College. The use of library resources is vital for pursuing study and research. It is an integral part of the College and designed to meet the information, research, and curriculum needs of its students, faculty and staff members. It has comprehensive collections to meet the needs of its users. The library's holdings include a diverse collection of print, non-print, and computer resources for all to use. The Library’s mission is to enable the staffs and students of City Unity College to engage optimally with the ever changing information environment in order to succeed in their research, learning and teaching goals.

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